Sunday, 1 June 2014

Sad tale of a promising City of Gold Coast mobile app

Looks like the app I need to report trees obstructing view of road crossing from a footpath.

Pretty app and a simple big button to submit a report.
Take a photo, type a simple description and touch submit. The app adds the detailed location and sends it to the council. Great!
Next day the council replies - impressive response.

The bad news is this app doesn't cover this very common issue.

The good news is they have passed on the issue to the 'relevant area'.


I have used this SnapSendSolve app all over Australia to report issues to councils, even a few times here on the Gold Coast. The app creates the report email and knows where to send it by the current location.

A couple of times I have used this app to report overhanging trees on footpaths/cycle paths to the GCCC and they have responded well every time.

Come on GCCC, surely your own app can come to the party!