Saturday, 31 May 2014

Unwanted NineMSN Logo intrudes on OneDrive in Australia

I have been frequent user and supporter of OneDrive in Australia. A practical workshop appears in my first online course (MOOC) called The Cloud and You on I had thought to create a more in-depth coverage of OneDrive in my second online course currently in planning.

Today I started experimenting with Camtasia screencasts of OneDrive to discover to my absolute dismay that the NineMSN logo/links appear at the top of the OneDrive, Outlook, People and Calendar components - definitely not something my international online students will want to see.
My first thought was that surely this display was optional but a short period of research showed these unwanted links are permanent when accessing OneDrive in Australia in any browser. This appears to be confirmed in the Microsoft community forum in the post 'Remove NineMSN Logo - Australia'. So disappointing. I have to hand it to Microsoft in the subtle positioning as it has taken me many months to spot it!

While the NineMSN logo is mercifully absent in the online apps for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote I won't be rushing to create my online course about OneDrive. So Google Apps/Drive here I come.