Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Activity 8 An OER Course #h817open

Digital Literacies Course

Five week course for undergraduates, new employees, teachers, mature learners, military personnel, and so on.

  1. Network Communications
    • Internet and protocols
    • Web and links
    • Bytes, bandwidth, digital formats
  2. Network Devices
    • ADSL, fibre, wi-fi, Bluetooth
    • Wireless access points
    • Mobile, tablets, laptops
    • Memory, filestore
  3. Network Software
    • Browsers, downloads
    • Searching text, music, video
    • Email clients
  4. The Cloud
    • Social media
    • Office cloud apps
    • Cloud storage and sharing
  5. Simple Programming
    • Basic data types
    • Sequence, conditional, repetition
    • Scripting in AutoHotkey, JavaScript

OER Repositories Search Results

General impressions of locating suitable material from each repository by week:

Ariadne: 1: medium, 2: medium, 3: poor, 4: very poor, 5: medium
Jorum: 1: good, 2: good, 3: good, 4: very poor, 5: medium
Merlot: 1: good, 2: good,3: good, 4: medium:, 5: good
MIT: 1: medium, 2: medium,3: medium, 4: medium:, 5: good
OpenLearn:  1: medium, 2: medium,3: medium, 4: good:, 5: poor
Rice Connexions: 1: poor, 2: poor,3: poor, 4: poor:, 5: good
Difficulties faced included:
  • locating a suitable education level for such introductory material; most courses or modules were multi-week or simply too extensive and would need considerable contraction amounting to an effective rewriting of the content
  • the significant effort required to drill down to sufficient detail in each OER found by the initial search to determine the suitability of the material
  • a worryingly high number of broken links to OERs which highlights the sustainability problem
  • some much of the material in the OERs was old and out of date, a big problem for the very fast moving topic of digital literacies
I found that Merlot which gave access to different types of course materials not just whole subjects was the most appropriate source of OERs readily usable without a great deal of detailed rummaging and research.