Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Netbooks live on in Chromebooks

I loved netbooks and actually still use my Samsung N210 occasionally. Over a period of 4 years I owned 3 models of Eee PCs, an HP (free at a Microsoft conference) and the trusty Samsung. Yes they were slow and all but the Samsung keyboards dodgy, but they were small, light and rugged (great for conferences/meetings). You could also buy 3 or 4 netbooks for one laptop. Being a cloud fanatic my latter netbooks interacted with my documents and data online, the browser being my most used locally installed app.

As I suggested almost 2 years ago we now have Chromebooks with the same form factor (although as a consumer I can’t buy an Australian version yet). They are much, much more responsive, more secure and allow you (force you) to live in the cloud.

hpchromebookA significant number of manufacturers are jumping on the Chromebook bandwagon. With the announcement of the HP Pavilion Chromebook we see the screen size grow to a weighty 14 inches. Such developments are starting to scare the tablet- and smartphone-toting users, see Jared Newman’s Time article entitled ‘Please, Chromebooks, Don’t Turn into PCs‘. He gives a good summary of Chromebooks available in the US when talking about the HP Chromebook:

The device is available now for $330. That’s pricier than some other Chromebooks like Samsung’s Series 3 ($250) and Acer’s C7 ($200), but cheaper than the Samsung Series 5 550 ($450), which is far and away the best of the bunch. Lenovo makes a rugged $429 Chromebook, but it’s for schools only.

It is definitely time for the Chromebook naysayers to wake up. I can’t wait to order one of the above.