Sunday, 7 October 2012

Chrome Social Media Hub–Android v iOS

I am on my 3rd iPad model but acquired a Google Nexus 7 a couple of months ago or so on its release in Australia. In that relatively short time I now use the Nexus three times as much as the iPad on a daily basis. There are obvious differences but today I just comment on the use of Google Chrome on the two platforms as a social media hub. This use occurs when I browse a web page and need to disseminate the link and a comment across my social media assets that primarily include Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and now Add to that list the asset repositories Diigo and Instapaper.

ios chrome menuOn iOS Chrome when you want to share the page link the menu is shown on the right. It is basic but useful, especially the Google+ link which for me is important as I am tending to use Google+ rather than Facebook as my first choice. Of course most of my social media channels feed into Facebook by choice so I rarely need to go to Facebook directly.

Contrast this with the equivalent menu on Android Chrome. The vastly different extensive list of sharing locations is not built in to Chrome per se. Rather a mechanism is provided to allow any app installed on Android to register itself to be a source of sharing. This can be a little overdone of course as you see some unlikely sharing locations that I will never use. like Godaddy mail.2012-10-07 09.01.19 (2)

Note that the Power Note app saves the link to Diigo. Hooha is the portal to For those unaware the Remember the Milk app is a great Aussie task manager.

The ability to save to the cloud storage systems such as Drive, Dropbox and SkyDrive is also a huge bonus.

Evernote has become my lifeline with data accessible on every portable device I carry so its inclusion is a lifesaver at times.

Flipboard and Skype are added bonuses which I am yet to explore.

Which platform would you choose for your social media hub? Android has become my first choice.