Friday, 13 July 2012

The Seepage of Credibility from Higher Education

2012-07-13 SNAG-00The credibility of the learning achieved in higher ed will continue, but many are questioning seriously whether a swathe of other means can achieve the same ends at much, much lower economic cost. In his post from Time Magazine Michael Ellsberg distinguishes the concepts of learning versus the credibility of having learned.

He poses the question of whether a higher ed degree can be replaced by:

  • A track record of having started one or two successful businesses, even if they were small.
  • Industry-related blogs with well-written, lively, detailed posts, which receive many comments and tweets/likes/shares per post.
  • An impressive About page on a well-designed personal website
  • Large, legitimate, real followings on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media networks.

Thus the sources of credibility move out of the monopoly enjoyed by higher ed. I agree with Michael though that the law, medicine and engineering professions, for example, will be slow to allow non-higher ed credibility sources to be recognised.

Nevertheless, in most other walks of life you can build a business that demonstrates your credibility. Good luck.