Thursday, 22 March 2012

Are You a Knowmad?

cloudsIn Invisible Learning, John Moravec and Cristóbal Cobo, define a knowmad or nomadic knowledge and innovation worker as a creative, imaginative, and innovative person who can work with almost anybody, anytime, and anywhere.

In a post John lists the 9 characteristics of knowmads:

  1. Are not restricted to a specific age.
  2. Build their personal knowledge through explicit information gathering and tacit experiences, and leverage their personal knowledge to produce new ideas.
  3. Are able to apply their ideas and expertise contextually in various social and organizational configurations.
  4. Are highly motivated to collaborate, and are natural networkers, navigating new organizations, cultures, and societies.
  5. Purposively use new technologies to help them solve problems and transcend geographical limitations.
  6. Are open to sharing what they know, and invite the open access to information, knowledge and expertise from others.
  7. Develop habits of mind and practice to learn continuously, and can unlearn as quickly as they learn, adopting new ideas and practices as necessary.
  8. Thrive in non-hierarchical networks and organizations.
  9. Are not afraid of failure — and see their failures as learning opportunities.

Are you a knowmad? While I have worked in hierarchical organisations all my working life, participating in social networks have shown I can adapt to to loose networks without structure. I reckon I am pretty close to a knowmad.