Sunday, 4 December 2011

Create Pure HTML5 Slides with free Google Page Template

Cut the cord to PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, PDF and more, and create and display your slide presentations in pure HTML5 using the free html5slides project from Google. Download the single web page template from Google code to your local machine. This single file contains the HTML5 layout and sample content for a great many slide types. Edit in your own content with copy and paste using your simple HTML editor or even Notepad. Use your modern browser to show your slides. Simple.

Try out Google’s sample presentation in your browser.

A smattering of HTML5 like this:

    Slide with bullet points and a longer title, just because we
    can make it longer
      Use this template to create your presentation
      Use the provided color palette, box and arrow graphics, and
      chart styles
      Instructions are provided to assist you in using this
      presentation template effectively
      At all times strive to maintain Google's corporate look and feel

will display:

2011-12-04 SNAG-01

There are some choices in themes and layout, and according to Google html5slides ‘should work on modern Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera… and generally touch devices’.

Thanks to Steve Dalton, @spidie, for giving a talk about this at BarcampBNE at the November meeting.