Thursday, 24 November 2011

Types of Personal Cloud Solutions

2011-11-24 SNAG-05I have been a user of 25 GB free SkyDrive for a number of years as it has gone through many guises. For full synchronisation between SkyDrive and local files on your computers you need to add Live Mesh which has lower storage limits.

How do you compare this offering with other personal cloud solutions. From the ReadWriteWeb post on how Windows 8 will bring a personal cloud to billions we see Microsoft introducing some cloud solution granularity to aid user choice:

Omar Shahine and Mike Torres outlined three distinct categories of personal cloud solutions:

  1. File clouds; using the traditional file and folder structure. Examples: SkyDrive, Dropbox
  2. Device clouds; "A device-centric view of cloud storage "hides" the folders from you." Example: iCloud
  3. App clouds; "they fully embrace the cloud [and] can enable new ways to collaborate, organize, and share." Examples: Google Docs, Evernote