Thursday, 13 October 2011

The First Truly Shareable Computer

As Cliff Boodoosingh points out in in his post ‘Get a Library Card & Borrow a Chromebook’:

Here’s a novel idea: go to the library and borrow a Chromebook.

This is what is happening in Hillsborough Library in Hillsborough, New Jersey. With Wi-Fi already available throughout the library the borrower simply opens the Chromebook lid, and within a couple of seconds logins in with a Google account and is connected with the cloud. Even better is at logout all trace of that user leaves the Chromebook ready for the next library patron – the Chromebook is a genuine shareable computer.

It gets better again since no power point is needed, the bane of most libraries because of insurance liability requirements. The Chromebook’s 8-hour battery life is good enough for a day’s heavy usage. At Hillsborough the rental period is 4 hours with up to a 2-hour extension.

I wonder when and if this service will arrive at my local Gold Coast Library?